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As one of the industry leading experts in specialist industrial floor painting, Keylight PDC Ltd focus on the finest quality floor paints on the market.

Using the leading three solutions in floor painting, our team work with Resucoat Industrial Floor Paint, Whatco Paint and Blackfriars Epoxy Floor Paint to give our clients the finest results possible for their industrial flooring.

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Industrial Floor Painting Throughout London

We provide industrial floor painting for properties in the London area including warehouses, factories, and other environments where chemical spillage is a high risk. For this reason, we use heavy duty floor paints that are resistant to corrosion from water, alkaline solutions, chemicals and acid. We also have to take into account the wear to the floor that is caused by heavy duty types of machinery like forklifts and pallet trucks and put necessary protection in place to support these loads. Other loads that the floor has to withstand are static loads, including pallet stacks, equipment and stored materials. We can carry out industrial floor painting to reinforced concrete floors and laminate floors to protect them and extend their lifespan.

Why Paint an Industrial Floor?

You should consider having your industrial floor painted to support all of the machinery and loads that will be stored and moved within the property over time. Types of heavy duty industrial floor paint are epoxy, masonry, top coats, fast drying, skip paint and concrete paint. We have access to high-quality alkyd, acrylic and urethane resin, and aim to provide a durable finish every time. Our paints increase the strength of the floor and improve its wear and resistance to strong chemicals, making them a suitable solution for industrial properties. By painting the floor, you can improve the appearance of the interior of your industrial property, which could motivate any employees that work in the factory or warehouse. Paint can also provide clear markings on the floor for where certain areas are, for example, access routes, storage areas or walkways.

Epoxy Factory Floor Paint

Epoxy factory floor paint is suitable for use over concrete, sand, cement and wood and it is a heavy-duty solution suitable for highly trafficked areas of a factory. In addition to being highly abrasive resistant, epoxy paint is very easy to clean and maintain, tolerant to oil, and durable. Applying epoxy factory floor paint creates a professional gloss finish for your workplace, and we can apply stabilising primer if your concrete floor is weak.

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