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Intumescent Painting in London Areas

Take care of your property with intumescent painting and fire protection painting services in London from Keylight PDC Ltd.

Being specialist fire protection and intumescent painters throughout the London and Essex areas, Keylight PDC Ltd is able to provide a high-quality fire protection painting service.

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Intumescent Painting in London Areas

We provide intumescent painting to properties in London with structural steel as a way of protecting a potential fire from spreading around a building quickly. It works by expanding when exposed to high temperatures, and acts as an insulator, keeping fire away from the building’s structure. Intumescent paints can be applied to any building materials that are easily combustible, and by applying to your property structure you can be sure that your building complies with fire regulations.

We can provide gap sealing, gypsum compound and fibrous board application to achieve the maximum possible protection against hydrocarbon fire. We can provide intumescent painting for timber substrates including trusses, frames, ceilings, staircases, doors and cladding as timber is highly flammable and can pose a fire risk. We can also apply it to plasterboard, lath-and-plaster and concrete.

Unprotected Steel Dangers

Applying intumescent paint to the steel structures of a building can be beneficial as unprotected steel can easily reach 550 degrees during a fire, causing it to weaken and collapse. Applying intumescent paint to steel structures can increase the fire rating of your building and make it safer. We apply all intumescent coatings to steel using either spray, a roller or a brush, depending on the surface we apply it to. We can build up the fire resistance by layering coatings, starting with a primer and finishing with a sealant top coat. With both water-based and solvent-based coatings available, we can apply the most effective one for your structure.

Fire Retardant Paint

In order to protect your property and possessions during a fire, you should have fire retardant paint applied to all of the structural steelwork. The paints we use are regularly tested and developed using environmentally friendly methods to ensure that they are safe and effective. Our intumescent painting service is popular for building owners, warehouse managers, employers and facility managers as they have a duty to protect the people and items within the property.

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